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Here you will find some frequently asked questions from new players. We normally just refer to this section first when we get a question, if its not here just mail us!


1.There are cracks in the target?

A thick slice of a tree trunk contains a lot of fluid and is a living material. They can not be cut up without this occuring to some extent, unless they would be 20-30 cm thick, and that shipping expenses no one wants to pay, believe us! Cracks occur and will occur to some extent in the discs, it is unfortunately nothing we have control over. Instead we see it as a part of the game and all players get the same opportunities on the board, also they do not affect the game that much. But to reduce cracking we recommend to take care of the board. Put it in a little water now and then and do not leave it hanging in direct sunlight. We will also sell templates in aluminum so customers can make their own targets from local sawmills or from a log that you may have. The board will suffer from wear and tear. Thats life and nature!

2. The Axe edge is not "sharp" and do not stick to the board when I throw?

Indeed, it is not as sharp as a knife or sharpened axe. It should not be either. This grinding is absolutely sufficient for the game's function.
It is instead a particular technic on the throw that is in focus. Some pick it up after only one tries, for others it may take a few hours. But it IS a technology threshold of the game and it is also part of the charm of it! A bit like golf, when you got the right swing then you are hooked!

Try to find a relaxed stance that feels natural to you  (some have parallel shoulders for example). Hold the axe lightly between thumb and forefinger. Curved arm and "flick it"  in a straight line. Some use more power than others. Train and find your distance! But you have to stand at least 2.2 meters away from the board!